legrinspind 144 Be unkind to Kevin

Hello, bary here, bringing you another episode of

Spindlegrin or “The Horror under the Cleanroom” or
“The Growing Insanity of an Overskilled IBM Employee”

A tragedy in 2387 installments.

Part 144
The story so far;
Niall has once more been trapped beneath the clean
room as punishment by the evil middle management. We
join him 6 meters under the process floor, where……….

Loki and the Genie, still traumatised by the events
they encountered in The Land of the Venetian Blinds
are arguing over how a packet of mints (singing) in a
wrapper (shiny) can possibly cause ionisation in a
creature such as the Genie.

“Look so what if it’s shiny?”
“Whenever I touch a shiny thing I get a shock”
“My legs will catch fire”
“You don’t have any legs”
“Look they might shock you if they were grounded but
my bunnysuit booties are grounded…”

Loki and the Genie stopped arguing and looked about
for the voice.

“That sounded like John Peel”
exhorted Loki,
“Wow! if anybody knows the way out of the clean-room
it’s John Peel,”
retorted the Genie, all but forgetting about his
potentially fatal bout of ionization.

Loki and the Genie looked over at the rather cheerful
but strangely depressed looking abstract concept
standing beside the impressive steel branchy (blue)
latticed structure stopping cell 10 from plummeting
into the dark lower realm that Loki was currently
trapped in (This definition also applies to his career
at this time.)
“Hello! My name’s Dakron, I’m an abstract concept”,
said Dakron.
“What are you doing down here in amongst the forrest
of tie wraps that constitute the under room?”
said the genie.
It should be pointed that the Genie had progressed
beyond the mere notion of super-string theory and was
currently studying super tie wrap theory which
describes all particles as being comprised of 10
dimensional tie wraps. He hadn’t however worked out
what normal 3 dimensional tie wraps were made of.
Frankly after being stuck in Loki’s toe for 4000
years* he had simply discounted the notion of 3
dimensional tie wraps as being a simple anomaly
stating that they were probably made of 10 dimensional
disposable biros. He once tried to prove the point by
burning down his local post office.
“The same thing as him”
said Dakron pointing to Loki who was busy shouting at
the mints.
“My career is in the shits.”
Replied the Genie knowingly.
“You know you really do sound a hell of a lot like
John Peel.”

Most bits(C)Loki 2000. Extra bits (C)BO’C 2000

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*Loki is a 24 year old engineer with a hair loss
problem and a gammy knee.