This was written by a bot, right?


No, this is the work of a grown adult...

Spindlegrin is amongst other things, the story of a beleaguered test engineer, trapped beneath the floor of an IBM cleanroom.

It’s like the Chronicles of Narnia, but with less tedious Christian symbolism, and more jokes about HVAC systems.

It was written by myself, and published from 2000 as a bulk email sent out by Barry O’Connell. Surprisingly, it went kinda viral, in so much as anything could do, back in the days when the word “meme” was still more associated with Richard Dawkins than captioned cat gifs. It was popular enough that we once ran into a stranger down the pub who professed to be a big fan. For us this was the equivalent of a musician hearing their song on the radio for the first* time. We felt compelled to interrogate him about story details, because we assumed he was lying.

Spindlegrin has been compared to the works of Joyce, Beckett, Lewis Carrol, Kafka and even Shakespeare which means that either people are bad at literary criticism or we’re just really bad at detecting sarcasm.

*And only.